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Powerful in all steel materials

With the TC120, TC121 and TC122 product range, Walter is presenting three new blind hole taps in the Supreme line specially developed for machining steel materials.

“my.Walter” brings order to information chaos


In the past, customers often lacked access to valuable information. Today they are overwhelmed with information to the point that it can be difficult to filter out exactly what they need.

Productivity and process reliability to the power of three


With its T2711/T2712 indexable insert thread milling cutter, Walter is launching a completely new tool for machining larger threads with nominal diameters of 24 mm and above, with multiple cutting rows and an adjustable coolant supply with selectable radial or axial coolant outlets.

Go for better, go for Gold


Having revolutionised the industry in the past with the Tiger·tec and Tiger·tec Silver coatings, the machining specialists at Walter AG in Tübingen are now making another technological advance. Walter is one of the world’s first companies to present a new technology platform: Tiger·tec Gold – with the WKP35G milling grade.

Kompetenz on every level

From 13th to 17th September 2016, Walter AG will be exhibiting its latest developments at the AMB in Stuttgart. Machining experts from across the world will have the chance to see the company’s latest product innovations in the fields of milling, drilling, threading and turning, as well learn about the numerous processes and solutions developed from practical experience.

Walter’s new plug-and-play milling cutters

Milled mating faces are almost always a feature of cast parts. But it is only when the machining process has succeeded in conferring perfectly flat faces that they are able to ensure that, for example, an engine or transmission can run reliably for years to come. Walter’s new M2025 and M2026 finishing face mills are ideally suited to this, combining maximum precision with cost effectiveness.