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Up to 90 per cent more productive – and suitable for universal use suitable for universal use

The Tübingen-based premium-tool manufacturer is now expanding its thread milling cutter range. Three new thread milling cutter inserts with smaller corner radii enhance the versatility of the existing tool bodies; two new bodies now allow M56 and M64 coarse-pitch threads to be cut. These new additions transform the thread milling cutter family from one that was focused primarily on productivity to a family that can now be used universally.

New grade, even longer tool life


With MS3 and WSM01, Walter AG is presenting a new geometry and a new grade. The new WSM01 grade, manufactured using the HiPIMS method, enables extremely smooth surfaces to be achieved.

Kompetenz on every level

From 13th to 17th September 2016, Walter AG will be exhibiting its latest developments at the AMB in Stuttgart. Machining experts from across the world will have the chance to see the company’s latest product innovations in the fields of milling, drilling, threading and turning, as well learn about the numerous processes and solutions developed from practical experience.

TC115 / TC216: Threading duo impresses by offering a triple benefit

The smaller the quantities, the higher the relative costs per thread. This is a well-known fact in manufacturing and is especially noticeable when different materials are involved. Walter AG has now developed taps that guarantee an optimal price/performance ratio.

Walter AG builds Technology Centre in Tübingen

Walter is investing at its company HQ. With its new Technology Centre, the Tübingen-based machining solution specialist is keen to offer its customers and employees even better opportunities for gaining first-hand experience of using and testing high-tech tools.

New phase in chamfering efficiency

If savings can be made in work operations, savings in time on the machine and therefore also in costs can be made at the same time. It is therefore likely that there is barely any CNC programmer who does not also entertain the idea of a drill with an integrated chamfering insert for carrying out…

New DC150 drill family from Walter Titex for high cost efficiency

The DC150 family from Walter Titex provides drilling tools for the tough everyday work of machining, in which theoretical cutting data is not everything: Small quantities, older machines, and frequent change between different materials. In such circumstances, peak performance is not determined by theoretical tool values and maximum cutting speeds. The result that can actually…