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Negative Machining Angles? Use 3D Manual Feed by Okuma

Okuma America Corporation, a world leading builder of CNC machine tools, shows the advantages of 3D Manual Feed on the OSP-P300M control. This feature enables the same movement as Tool Center Point Control in manual operation when the 3D feed switch is active on the CNC control panel.

Watch IN(3D)USTRY Keynote on the Role of 3D Printing in Industry 4.0

The recent IN(3D)USTRY event in Barcelona brought together industry users, manufacturers and service providers to discuss 3D printing’s role in building more efficient, value-added manufacturing processes. Speaking on behalf of Stratasys, Ben Lazarus described the different ways 3D printing is being implemented to improve production and help businesses gain a competitive advantage.

This is how a Trabant was made

The three minutes long music video below follows the birth of a Trabant,an ever-famous car from the post WWII East-Germany. There is no commentary attached to the video so the credibility remains at question. It might just be staged, however the features of the era are captured really well anyhow. Usually the first question after…