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EMAG Automation: Complete laser welding solutions for transmission manufacturing


In the automotive industry, one trend has been consistent for years: Passenger vehicle transmissions are becoming smaller and lighter, although the number of speeds—and of toothed gear components—continue to increase. How does the entire assembly not become heavier? The answer becomes obvious by taking a closer look at the individual components. A gearwheel, for example, consists of two components that are joined by laser welding. This allows the design engineers to work without screws—allowing the component to become lighter.

New grinding machine LGG 180 delivers con-sistent high-volume production quality

Newly designed gear grinding machine LGG 180 for profile and generating grinding with palletizer

“This machine gives users fast processing combined with the advantages of a one-table solution,” is how Dr.-Ing. Andreas Mehr, Grinding and Shaping Technology Development and Consultancy at Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH, describes the basic idea behind this solution. To facilitate installation of production lines for a complete series, making optimum use of the available space, the machines…