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Precise cutter path control – at the touch of a button!


Vero Software GmbH will be bringing the latest version of its highly efficient WorkNC CAD/CAM solution to EMO 2017 in Hannover. The 2017 R1 release recently unveiled is the first version under a new six-month cycle release plan.

Hoffmann Group with a new concept for Industry 4.0


For the first time, the Hoffmann Group introduced its Industry 4.0 vision for the machining sector at the AMB 2016 in Stuttgart. The basis for this is the GARANT 360° Tooling Platform, which already provides an integrated service concept for tools and which the Hoffmann Group intends to develop further.

Tritan-Drill: the new standard in drilling

The Tritan-Drill, the three-fluted drill from MAPAL, achieves more bores, a longer tool life and lower machining costs compared with its twin-fluted companion.

Machining Solutions—for You

Manufacturers’ increased productivity, precision, profitability and flexibility are at the heart of GF Machining Solutions’ customer-centric stand at EMO 2015, October 5–10, Milan, Italy.