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How to Shorten Machine Setup Times in Two Steps

Anfotec Antriebstechnologie GmbH from Medebach in the Sauerland region is a provider of high-quality industrial and mechanical drive elements. The company was founded in 2000 and has grown steadily since that time, marked by rich development perspectives, an innovative corporate culture, and high quality demands. Anfotec has been working with ZOLLER for quite some time on tool presetting. However, the company’s growth resulted in new challenges: establishing transparent tool management and shortening machine setup times.

Toolholder ID as the basis for transparent tool management in Industry 4.0


Transparent tool management is the key issue in the development toward networked production for Industry 4.0. SCHUNK, the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems intends to push the development with the capability of unique toolholder identification by means of a data matrix code. Individual laser coding of all SCHUNK toolholders is already possible today. As part of its Industry 4.0 initiative, SCHUNK even offers the data matrix code free of charge with TRIBOS polygonal clamping components and TENDO hydraulic expansion toolholders (except TENDO E compact).

Kennametal Announces Breakthrough KM4X100™ Spindle Connection

The spindle connection is the “handshake” — the interface between the machine tool´s spindle and toolholder. As such, this vital component has to provide the torque and bending load capacity compatible with the machine-tool´s operating specifications. But when machining high-strength materials like titanium and other alloys, cutting forces generate bending moments that will exceed the…

New LC 180 hobbing machine combines high chamfer quality with one-cut machining

After hobbing with the usual one-cut strategy, the Chamfer Cut tool additionally generates precise and reproducible chamfers, that are increasingly demanded by the market. The newly developed solution eliminates the former main disadvantage of Chamfer Cut, namely that the chamfering process prolongs machining time. In the past, hobbing and chamfering took too much time at…

Proven WIDIA WMT™ Grooving and Cut-off System Adds New High-Performance PH Geometry

Job shops around the world may have business and customer requirements unique to each company, but concerns on how to improve costs and secure more business are common to all. “Shops want more performance options, and at the same time don’t want multiple, job- or material-specific tooling solutions tying up their inventory,” says Mark Filosemi,…

Parting made easy

Together with the Walter Cut SX grooving system, Walter AG is launching a new Blaxx™-designed parting and slitting mill on the market: The F5055. It shares an extremely robust and precise construction, as well as  outstanding performance and process reliability, with the other milling cutters in the BlaxxTM range. The new Walter Cut SX grooving…

Kennametal Launches NOVO™ – Digital Intelligence to Accelerate Productivity in Customer Manufacturing Processes

Tool selection, tool configuration, and the best applicable tooling advice based on the customer´s part and process requirements are all at the touch of a few mouse clicks in Kennametal´s revolutionary NOVO™. CAD models, complete assembly lists, automated job report functionality and much more all promise new levels of process planning efficiency. Here, a model of an HTS Drill Assembly is shown with all associated inserts, adaptors, and spare parts. NOVO™ accomplishes in minutes what formerly took hours and yields an optimized solution backed by Kennametal expertise, every time.

(LATROBE, PA) – In a revolutionary development designed to address the critical need for improved productivity and process knowledge for manufacturing companies, Kennametal is launching NOVO™, a new set of digital tools that promises far-reaching improvements in manufacturing efficiencies. “This is a huge leap beyond simply providing a digital version of the tool and its…