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New possibilities in crankshaft microfinishing


Automobile manufacturers are familiar with the problems associated with the microfinishing of crankshafts. After evaluating statistics from its fleet network, a well-known truck manufacturer has ascertained that a high percentage of reported crankshaft damage is due to particularly large loads on the bearings radii. Working closely with the German high-precision machine tool manufacturer Thielenhaus Microfinish, the truck manufacturer therefore decided to perform finishing work on the bearings as well as on the transition radii.

Microfinish attachments for turning, grinding and milling machines


Today, even smaller suppliers must be capable of working to the finest tolerances in dimensional accuracy. The German machine manufacturer Thielenhaus Microfinish presents a range of attachments for base machines for these applications and for small batch sizes.

Sphero – the compact machining solution

The machining of workpieces with spherical forms pushes even the most modern hard turning and standard grinding machines to their tech-nical limits, as great demands are also usually being placed on dimensional accuracy and surface finish. For this demanding field of application, Thielen-haus Microfinish has developed a flexible and compact machining solution – Sphero – based on a platform proven in medical technology, which it unveiled at GrindTec 2016.