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How the Most Technically Advanced Sport will Push 3D Printing Forward


How do you support a customer who has come to represent top tier performance while upholding the winning attitude and competitive edge that have given that customer their unique place in history? How do you provide service to demanding industry leaders who drive performance results through innovation?

Is Your Talent Management Strategy Ready For The Global Skills Gap?


Our global economy has begun yet another transformation. We are in the early stages of a fourth industrial revolution that will bring major changes to our societies, driven by advances in connectivity, automation, and artificial intelligence. With that, has come a global gap in the skilled talent necessary to keep pace.

Why Women Hold the Key to Engineering’s Future


Half the world’s population is female. Sadly the employment rate in the engineering and, by extension, entire scientific community doesn’t reflect that. It’s embarrassingly low, at just six percent for female engineers.

Innovative Rear End Machining

The Esslingen-based company INDEX will unveil an enhanced version of its already successful MS52 CNC multi-spindle automatic lathe at the EMO Hannover 2011 trade show. With many new and improved functions, the front-opening six-spindle lathe with up to twelve cross-slides in the work area is also setting standards in rear end machining. Its innovative features…

Flexible lightweight maximizes the field of application of milling/turning machines

It is a combination of the proven lathe chuck of the series ROTA-S plus and ROTA-S plus 2.0 with extended guideways, and transforms them into large, light chucks, which are particularly versatile in use. Compared to conventional lathe chucks used for large clamping diameters, the weight with ROTA-S flex drops down to 60%. At an identical…

Superior Tapping Performance in Multiple Materials from WIDIA™ VariTap™

Manufacturers, especially job shops, know better than most the pressures of ever-increasing customer demands and the equally demanding requirements to control costs. Multi-purpose tools have been one method many shops use to bridge the gap – excellent in certain materials and “good enough” in others to get the job done. Field tests are confirming the…

Even more efficient with eight spindles

The Esslingen multi-spindle specialists supplement the MS22C series by an 8-spindle CNC production automatic lathe MS22C-8. The modular eight-spindle machine built on the multi-spindle modular system can also efficiently machine highly complex workpieces that would have driven the previous multi-spindle machines normally equipped with six spindles to their limits. The INDEX MS22C-8 CNC multi-spindle automatic lathe…

Easy Selection Breaker System

In the increasingly competitive and complex world of metal cutting, a new system that first identifies the cutting mode, light medium or roughing L, M and R, then the ISO material specification, P,M,K and S was thought to be the best way for users to quickly identify which insert was most suitable for their application.…

Maximum productivity with optimum flexibility

The INDEX MS40C multi-spindle automatic turning machine is suited for machining up to 40 mm in diameter. Customized configuration with up to 12 CNC cross-slides, Y-axes, synchronous spindles, and further options enables high-productivity machining of bars as well as chucked parts.  The INDEX MS40C is part of the successful MultiLine series that accommodates loading of bars…

High precision and flexibility thanks to NUMROTO

Mauth Werkzeug-Schleiftechnik GmbH is a long-standing NUM partner – it has been using NUMROTO for its highly specialist production for around 15 years. Mauth develops and produces perfect-fit tools in series, which meet exacting customer demands. Complex shapes are designed to specific measurements in the CAD system and loaded onto the CNC machines using NUMROTOplus.…