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Passive/Dynamic Vibration Control Technology Boosts Metalcutting Productivity

Uncontrolled vibration creates multiple problems in metalcutting operations. Varying forces in the cutting process cause vibration and tool chatter that degrade part surface quality, quickly wear or break cutting tools and damage machine tool components. Trends in product design can also incite vibration.

SECO Offers New STEADYLINE® Tooling For Large Diameter Work

The Steadyline large-diameter turning/boring bars feature a BA connection and incorporate a BA adapter to mount GL50 turning heads. Seco’s patented, versatile GL connection features a polylobe taper-face interface for centring accuracy, 100 percent repeatability and fast tool head exchanges. The GL connection allows shops to perform both static and rotating operations with the same bar.

Industry Trends Steer Cutting Tool Development


Manufacturing trends – such as the softening or growth of certain industry segments, the use of technologies like 3D printing or processes like near net shape manufacturing – all have direct impacts on cutting tool product development. As one of the leading cutting tool manufacturers, Seco strives to not only keep pace with the natural progression of the industry, but also to set new standards in tool development and performance.

Seco adds Steadyline™ technology to Combimaster toolholders

With the release of the Steadyline Combimaster, Seco has expanded its successful Combimaster family of toolholding for medium-sized milling applications to include state-of-the-art vibration damping technology. This will allow the family of Combimaster cutters to be used in a wider variety of applications, specifically those requiring long overhangs or unstable set-ups. Combimaster’s success in the…