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Turning grade gets firm on plastic deformation

Cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant is introducing a dedicated turning insert optimised for stainless steel materials that offers increased productivity, longer tool life and higher machine utilisation. GC2220 will prove to be a major benefit to pump and valve manufacturers, as well as general engineering shops, particularly those serving sectors such as aerospace, automotive and oil and gas.

Time for the next generation


Dormer has launched a new generation of solid carbide multi-application drills to deliver a greater level of performance and economy. ​​​​​Force X is the new family name given to the Dormer range of drills, which replaces the MPX assortment.

Milling from a different angle


Dormer Pramet introduced a versatile new line of tools and inserts to support economical shoulder milling applications in a wide variety of materials.

Helping you to the finish


​Dormer Pramet have launched several new inserts and a grade to support turning in specific materials. The new chip breakers – developed under our Pramet brand – are for finishing and medium to roughing operations in steel, cast iron, high temperature alloys and stainless steel.

Superior Tapping Performance in Multiple Materials from WIDIA™ VariTap™

Manufacturers, especially job shops, know better than most the pressures of ever-increasing customer demands and the equally demanding requirements to control costs. Multi-purpose tools have been one method many shops use to bridge the gap – excellent in certain materials and “good enough” in others to get the job done. Field tests are confirming the…

Easy Selection Breaker System

In the increasingly competitive and complex world of metal cutting, a new system that first identifies the cutting mode, light medium or roughing L, M and R, then the ISO material specification, P,M,K and S was thought to be the best way for users to quickly identify which insert was most suitable for their application.…

Porcupine with unyielding spines

After the successful market launch of the F5041 and F5141 shoulder mills, Walter is now launching the F5138 – the first porcupine cutter in a refined Blaxx™ design. Effective performance in this milling category requires the most stable and reliable tool concepts – and it is precisely this requirement that Walter Blaxx™ fulfils. The user…

Parting made easy

Together with the Walter Cut SX grooving system, Walter AG is launching a new Blaxx™-designed parting and slitting mill on the market: The F5055. It shares an extremely robust and precise construction, as well as  outstanding performance and process reliability, with the other milling cutters in the BlaxxTM range. The new Walter Cut SX grooving…