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Passive/Dynamic Vibration Control Technology Boosts Metalcutting Productivity

Uncontrolled vibration creates multiple problems in metalcutting operations. Varying forces in the cutting process cause vibration and tool chatter that degrade part surface quality, quickly wear or break cutting tools and damage machine tool components. Trends in product design can also incite vibration.

Don’t Let Mechanical Loads Weigh Down Your Milling Process


When planning a milling application, there are several factors you must consider for optimum results. First and foremost, you want to have the right cutting tool for the job. But before diving too deep into a tooling supplier catalog, it’s important to understand the variables that impact cutting tool performance, with mechanical loads being one of them.

Six Tips for Effective Optimized Roughing


Optimized roughing can be highly effective for machining part features such as pockets with challenging corners as well as any straight walls that require long axial depths of cuts. In fact, this strategy enables the users to machine pockets three to four times faster than conventional methods while also dramatically extending the life of the…

Goodbye Analogue, Hello Digital


With the new EPB 890 digital boring heads, Seco Tools made fine boring easier and more precise than ever before. As the only digital boring heads on the market that display the absolute diameter settings as well as the relative diameter adjustment, these heads guarantee accurate cuts by providing diameter readings and settings within 1 μm.

Seco Expands Line of Highly Effective Parting-Off Blades to Fit VDI Turrets


Seco Tools line of 150.10-JETI family of parting-off blades and square-shank blocks now includes a new VDI block design. Adapters directly hold the 150.10-JETI parting-off blades onto the VDI turret and offer streamlined delivery of high-pressure coolant to the cutting zone without the use of hoses.

New Seco Highfeed Cutter Boosts Material Removal Rates in a Wide Range of Materials


Seco Tools has expanded its solutions for achieving high performance and long tool life with the introduction of the Highfeed 6 – the latest addition to the Highfeed series of indexable-insert milling cutters. This new cutter features a design created specifically to boost material removal rates and handle high chip loads, resulting in substantial productivity increases and exceptional tool life.

JABRO®-HFM JHF181 feed your hunger for faster metal removal


High-feed milling can remove metal from a workpiece at rates that are up to 30 percent faster than traditional methods. This significant boost in productivity, however, can only be achieved with the right cutting tools. Meet the JHF181, the latest addition to Seco’s Jabro-HFM family of solid-carbide end mills.