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SECO Offers New STEADYLINE® Tooling For Large Diameter Work

The Steadyline large-diameter turning/boring bars feature a BA connection and incorporate a BA adapter to mount GL50 turning heads. Seco’s patented, versatile GL connection features a polylobe taper-face interface for centring accuracy, 100 percent repeatability and fast tool head exchanges. The GL connection allows shops to perform both static and rotating operations with the same bar.

Seco expands Steadyline™ vibration damping system with boring bars


As the use of long overhang tools becomes increasingly popular throughout the manufacturing industry, Seco has expanded its patented line of Steadyline damping tools include boring heads.The highly rigid and stable Steadyline system effectively reduces unwanted vibrations in extreme cutting conditions via a “dynamic passive system” inside the holder body where a damping mass counter…

Seco X4 stabilises small parts machining

Seco X4

Perfect for small-part manufacturers, the Seco X4 multi-edge system meets the industry’s demand for grooving and parting-off tools with narrow cutting edges. Most recently, the company added smaller shanks to the short-reach system so that it can accommodate an even broader range of machining applications such as Swiss parts.The X4 consists of indexable tangential inserts…