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Amada Miyachi Europe offers robot dispensing systems that dramatically boost productivity


Amada Miyachi Europe announces that it offers a range of robot dispensing system options that can be fully customized for use in the automotive, electronics and solar cells, information technology and multimedia, medical, aerospace, and defence industries. Amada Miyachi Europe combines its standard desktop XYZ fluid dispensing systems with high precision, user-friendly JANOME Industrial Equipment desktop robots that can dramatically boost productivity.

Innovative Škoda factory succeeds with KUKA LBR iiwa

Škoda Auto, MATADOR Group and KUKA have come together in the town of Vrchlabí, Czech Republic, for a manufacturing initiative without borders or fences. This is happening in an automobile factory that produces direct-shift-gearbox automatic transmissions. There, an industrial robot does what industrial robots do best: grow productivity, reduce costs and improve output quality.

Robotic systems for safe nuclear decommissioning


KUKA robots and systems have proved their mettle in the toughest industrial applications. The know-how and experience from decades of developing high-performance solutions can be transferred to the nuclear industry: All over the world, KUKA robotic systems provide the basis for the safe, timely and cost-effective decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

KUKA solutions for the film industry


Wunderwerk Film from Vienna, Austria, offers movie companies the CMOCOS system (based on the KUKA lightweight robot) as a complete solution using a programmable motion control system for digital and high-speed cameras.

6 Manufacturing Trends to Watch for in 2017


Manufacturing, of course, is a huge part of the product development process. It’s also poised to undergo some changes in 2017, especially due to the results of the U.S. presidential election.

The KUKA Student Award 2017 in France for the Generation 4.0


Over a period of seven months, more than 20 teams will be competing at the KUKA Student Award in France. Each team comprises one professor and four students. The ultimate goal is to conceive a 3D printed bridge with a newly developed 3D printing KUKA robot. For this educative project KUKA France has realized an innovative 3D printing head. The winner will be granted a KUKA industrial robot.

Quite the best colleagues


By 2020, Mercedes-Benz intends to be the leading and most innovative automaker in the field of digital technologies as well. The signs are looking good.

World’s Fastest 3D Bin Picking Solution For Asymetrical Objects


Handling asymmetrical objects fast and reliably is now possible thanks to the world’s fastest 3D bin picking solution, which was developed in a partnership between DENSO, EnShape (now part of Cognex), and Eyefeeder®. The solution consists of a cutting-edge 3D bin picking system, a flexible part feeder, and a small 6-axis robot. The identification, retrieval, and positioning of a part is possible within 1.4–1.5 seconds, equivalent to 40 cycles per minute (CPM).