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Adaptive MAC 2.0 technology for panel benders


The new adaptive MAC 2.0 technology by Salvagnini enables the Panel Bender to detect any material variations in masked time, and, if values are outside the tolerance range, to automatically compensate thanks to the adjustment of the blade movements.



Minus Forty, a manufacturer of low temperature refrigeration systems primarily for the frozen food industry, has been tackling successfully for 26 years. Three years ago the company chose a Salvagnini P4Xe.2516 Panel Bender because they felt it would be the best fit for their needs.When you’re building merchandizing refrigeration systems, aesthetics and mechanical performance play…

P2lean Putting the smart into machine

The bending in general and, more specifically, the panel bending, is nowadays a central topic  since improving efficiency downstream from the cutting process plays a fundamental role in improving productivity. Salvagnini is aware of this and as usual has come up with a timely response in the shape of the innovative P2lean panel bender. Once…