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Customer First 2.0 and other LifeCycle services from DMG MORI increase utilization rates and productivity

The LifeCycle services are one of DMG MORI’s most important pillars of its strategy for the future. Already in 2016, DMG MORI pledged a clear commitment to their customers with its “Customer First 1.0” and five service promises. “Customer First 2.0” now expands this service commitment. In the area of service, the intensive increase in personnel has increased the availability and quality of the field service. New service products such as NETSERVICE 4.0 ensure even greater proximity to the customer and more efficiency.

The new digital REMOTE system from DMG MORI for service support, online training and online user assistance

Perfect service processes increase the availability of production systems and minimise the risk of costly production stoppages. DMG MORI was presenting NETSERVICE 4.0 under this banner at the Open House at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten. Together with CELOS NETbox and the coordinated serviceCAM (optional), NETSERVICE 4.0 will set new standards for remote services in machine tool manufacture from May 2018 onwards.