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Browser-based solution with great potential for Industry 4.0

With the MMS Version 6, Fastems is presenting the latest release of its software for automated pallet handling for the metal cutting industry. The software not only manages all NC programs required for production, it also administrates the data of all tools and monitors their service life. If an unforeseen situation should arise, the MMS can automatically rearrange the production plan in real time, taking into account the changed production process priorities.

The transparent press plant


We can’t see into a press, if we could it would avoid so many unplanned downtimes, if, for example, a faulty part could be identified sooner. However, the Machine Monitoring System (MMS) of the future, which Schuler presented a model of at the EuroBLECH trade fair, provides completely new insights into presses: With the aid of comprehensive system monitoring, availability can be increased, production and parts quality can be improved, and energy consumption can be lowered. The MMS is part of the Smart Press Shop, a collection of Schuler solutions for networking in the field of forming technology.