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What’s Better than Feeds and Speeds? Built-in Cutting Tool Advice


When CAD/CAM programmers and machinists search for the right cutting tools and tool holders, the process starts in reverse. They look for tools first, then see the tool’s specifications and decide if it’s right for the job. But what if we turned this process around? Why can’t the user specify the job, and then get recommendations from tool manufacturers?

Kennametal Announces Breakthrough KM4X100™ Spindle Connection

The spindle connection is the “handshake” — the interface between the machine tool´s spindle and toolholder. As such, this vital component has to provide the torque and bending load capacity compatible with the machine-tool´s operating specifications. But when machining high-strength materials like titanium and other alloys, cutting forces generate bending moments that will exceed the…

New Mill 4-15™ Platform from Kennametal Provides Best-in-Class Shoulder Milling

All three are critical to successful metalworking, but often one will predominate. Manufacturers facing parts requiring 90-degree shoulders also know that achieving true 90-degree shoulders and minimizing the scallop or step marks between passes absolutely requires a high-performance cutter. Kennametal Inc., Latrobe, PA; 800.446.7738. The new Mill 4-15 platform from Kennametal is that best-in-class system.…

New Beyond Shield™ Combines Clamping System With New Superhard PCBN Grades for Excellent Efficiencies in Machining Cast Iron

Beyond Shield™ by Kennametal provides a rigid and reliable clamping system for high-performance cast iron machining.

LATROBE, PA – Advanced hard turning, or the use of superhard polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) cutting tools for machining hardened ferrous materials like cast irons, is eagerly sought across a number of key manufacturing industries. Hundreds of millions of brakes discs, brake drums, flywheels, and wheel hubs are required annually in motor vehicle, heavy…

Kennametal Launches NOVO™ – Digital Intelligence to Accelerate Productivity in Customer Manufacturing Processes

Tool selection, tool configuration, and the best applicable tooling advice based on the customer´s part and process requirements are all at the touch of a few mouse clicks in Kennametal´s revolutionary NOVO™. CAD models, complete assembly lists, automated job report functionality and much more all promise new levels of process planning efficiency. Here, a model of an HTS Drill Assembly is shown with all associated inserts, adaptors, and spare parts. NOVO™ accomplishes in minutes what formerly took hours and yields an optimized solution backed by Kennametal expertise, every time.

(LATROBE, PA) – In a revolutionary development designed to address the critical need for improved productivity and process knowledge for manufacturing companies, Kennametal is launching NOVO™, a new set of digital tools that promises far-reaching improvements in manufacturing efficiencies. “This is a huge leap beyond simply providing a digital version of the tool and its…