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Automated forging lines for Mongolia

Mongolia, a landlocked country in Central Asia, is renowned for its vast mineral resources of coal, copper, gold and iron ore. In the last years, especially consumption of grinding media has increased. The Darkhan Metallurgical Plant (DMP), established in 1990 and located around 200 kilometers North of the capital Ulaanbaatar, has now installed two automated Schuler forging lines featuring short stroke die forging hammers KGH 5.0B for the manufacture of steel balls with diameters of 100 to 140 millimeters.

First linear hammer with Servo Technology

Schuler unveiled the first linear hammer with Servo Technology at the RUD-Schöttler forge shop in Hagen, Germany, last Friday. A large audience of experts from the forging industry was in attendance as the line was officially put into operation. Forging hammers were previously driven either hydraulically, pneumatically or by a flat belt. Schuler’s new development,…