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The strong and silent type

Even if you’re a big fan of high-performance cars and motorsport, chances are you have never heard of wheel manufacturer and Haas customer 2Elle Engineering, based a stone’s throw from Venice, Italy.

This is how Haas makes 5-axis machining affordable

With ever more components requiring the application of 5-axis machining techniques to minimise set-up and cycle times, Haas is able to present a highly cost effective solution that brings 5-axis machining within the reach of shops that perhaps wouldn’t normally have the necessary budget.

Haas makes 5-axis machining affordable for smaller companies

In the past, five-axis machining has been cost-prohibitive for many small manufacturing businesses, leaving companies with little choice but to make complex workpieces on three- or four-axis machines, suffering the consequences of more setups, longer cycle times, and increased scrap.

Smiles Better — Haas Customer Success Story

The parts used in dental restorations travel from the machine shop to the dentist via the dental lab. But, as in many other areas of business and commerce, the middleman is being squeezed, as costs climb and technology offers alternatives to the traditional ways. And this is the scenario for the unfortunate dental technician. The…

PAL Robotics invests in Haas CNC Mini Mill

Spanish company PAL Robotics has taken delivery recently of a Haas CNC Mini Mill, which it will use to develop and make various critical parts for its latest design of humanoid, service robots.PAL Robotics is based on the third floor of an office building in central Barcelona, a few minutes by car from the city’s…