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Machining group believes in a Haas future

Based at Flagogna, near the town of Udine, in the mountainous region of northeast Italy, HPF SpA is part of AmiL Srl, the holding company of the Lualdi family – owners of successful manufacturing businesses operating in sectors such as medical, aerospace, and automotive, since 1945.

The strong and silent type

Even if you’re a big fan of high-performance cars and motorsport, chances are you have never heard of wheel manufacturer and Haas customer 2Elle Engineering, based a stone’s throw from Venice, Italy.

Haas Automation Experiences New Highs at EMO 2015

Haas Automation is celebrating its best ever results from a European trade show; the company set audacious goals for EMO 2015, yet exceeded them by more than 50%, doubling the number of leads and machine sales it achieved in Hanover, at EMO 2013.

Back on the map

In a country once riven by war, the story of GAT is one of determination and triumph in the face of adversity.