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Trusted Family-Business Trusts in Haas

It seems there’s always a need for general-purpose machine shops, wherever in the world they find themselves. These are companies, often family-owned, that make a specialization out of being generalists.

Lange CNC – from the first machine to a successful company

Despite what the text books and the business magazines might say, there’s no ‘right’ way to start a company. Some of those that eventually turn out to be successful have very humble beginnings, and no particular business plans to speak of.

The Model Maker, His Wife, and His Muse

Based near Udine in the northeast of Italy, Haas customer Modeltek is a successful international motorsport business supplying teams and privateers all over the world. The fact that the cars and parts it produces are one-fifth scale doesn’t make the company’s achievements any less impressive.

Haas and the need for speed

The owner of CNC-Bearbeitung Jürgen Buss GmbH, a thriving subcontractor in southern Germany, is a lover of all things American, including classic cars, motorsport (especially NASCAR), and Haas machines.

Haas hits the spot at Blumeprot

A small but ambitious prototyping shop in Barcelona has invested in a Haas UMC-750 five-axis machining centre. The machine, which has cut set-up times dramatically, is producing complex parts to tight tolerances, from materials ranging from various aluminium alloys, to titanium and surgical-grade stainless steels.It’s not easy to start a machining business. Often, success depends…