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VLC 200 GT from EMAG for the machining of automotive gears

The production of a large volume of parts with extremely high quality has been a key feature in the production of automotive transmissions for decades. Developments in both the marketplace and technology, however, are continuing to change production at a very fast pace. For example, the number of gears needed for the production of our cars has been rising. This increase in quantity is pushing the production volume of gears even higher. At the same time, the competition from new market participants in Asia is intensifying.

Press deburring with new hobbing machine LCH 180 two

Continual loading and press deburring occur in parallel during machining time. Separate machine operations take place on two machine tables, each able to swivel 180 degrees and easily accessible: roughing in two phases, pressing, and finishing. After the blank is locked in and tightened, it is swivelled and the first cut of the gear takes…

New LC 180 hobbing machine combines high chamfer quality with one-cut machining

After hobbing with the usual one-cut strategy, the Chamfer Cut tool additionally generates precise and reproducible chamfers, that are increasingly demanded by the market. The newly developed solution eliminates the former main disadvantage of Chamfer Cut, namely that the chamfering process prolongs machining time. In the past, hobbing and chamfering took too much time at…

New grinding machine LGG 180 delivers con-sistent high-volume production quality

Newly designed gear grinding machine LGG 180 for profile and generating grinding with palletizer

“This machine gives users fast processing combined with the advantages of a one-table solution,” is how Dr.-Ing. Andreas Mehr, Grinding and Shaping Technology Development and Consultancy at Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH, describes the basic idea behind this solution. To facilitate installation of production lines for a complete series, making optimum use of the available space, the machines…