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Groundbreaking ceremony for new production plant in Taicang – CHIRON Group on expansion course in China

With the groundbreaking ceremony for its new plant in Taicang, the CHIRON Group is emphasising its commitment to China, relying on an expanded, localized machine program and the growth of service capacity. “China is an important growth market for us. We see great potential here, especially in the automotive and medical technology sectors, but also in the aviation industry. In this respect, the new plant is a significant investment in the future,” says Dr. Markus Flik, CEO of the CHIRON Group.

TAKE-OFF TO 4.0 – Okuma Europe hosts successful aerospace-themed open house


CNC machine tools manufacturer Okuma welcomed 200 international customers from the aerospace industry to their Aerospace Centre of Excellence (ACE) in Paris this February. The open house included live machining of aerospace components using the latest technologies, such as a newly developed swarf milling function for difficult-to-cut materials.

Renishaw probing simplifies set-up of complex mould tools for BK Tooling


Toolmaking has always been the preserve of craftsmen; even with the arrival of complex CNC machine tools the skill of the toolmaker is still required. However, innovative technology such as Renishaw’s Primo™ probing system is a proven timesaver for even the most experienced toolmakers.

Clear Advantages – a Haas success story


Italian engineering company Chiaro Macchine Speciali builds specialist systems used by automotive manufacturers around the world. In 2015, the company took delivery of a Haas VM-6 vertical machining centre, which has allowed Chiaro engineers to reduce machining set-up times, and more easily machine a wide variety of different size parts.

Excel Csepel Kft’s Participation in EMO 2015 Exhibition in Milan

It is a significant milestone in Csepel Machine Tool Factory’s history that after a very long time and having omitted 14 years, it was capable again to come out with and expose an in-house built machine tool at the world\’s largest machine tool exhibition in Milan.