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Plunge Milling Ingeuity From WNT

WNT’s latest solid carbide milling development, the Monstermill PCR UNI enables precise, process-secure, ramping/plunge milling at high angles or with extreme chip volumes during full slot milling, providing a new milling solution thanks to its innovative geometry, four flute design and patented centring tip. The design delivers powerful and extremely quiet milling across a range of materials including steel, stainless steels and cast iron.

Time for the next generation


Dormer has launched a new generation of solid carbide multi-application drills to deliver a greater level of performance and economy. ​​​​​Force X is the new family name given to the Dormer range of drills, which replaces the MPX assortment.

Milling from a different angle


Dormer Pramet introduced a versatile new line of tools and inserts to support economical shoulder milling applications in a wide variety of materials.

Helping you to the finish


​Dormer Pramet have launched several new inserts and a grade to support turning in specific materials. The new chip breakers – developed under our Pramet brand – are for finishing and medium to roughing operations in steel, cast iron, high temperature alloys and stainless steel.

Easy Selection Breaker System

In the increasingly competitive and complex world of metal cutting, a new system that first identifies the cutting mode, light medium or roughing L, M and R, then the ISO material specification, P,M,K and S was thought to be the best way for users to quickly identify which insert was most suitable for their application.…

Porcupine with unyielding spines

After the successful market launch of the F5041 and F5141 shoulder mills, Walter is now launching the F5138 – the first porcupine cutter in a refined Blaxx™ design. Effective performance in this milling category requires the most stable and reliable tool concepts – and it is precisely this requirement that Walter Blaxx™ fulfils. The user…

New Beyond Shield™ Combines Clamping System With New Superhard PCBN Grades for Excellent Efficiencies in Machining Cast Iron

Beyond Shield™ by Kennametal provides a rigid and reliable clamping system for high-performance cast iron machining.

LATROBE, PA – Advanced hard turning, or the use of superhard polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) cutting tools for machining hardened ferrous materials like cast irons, is eagerly sought across a number of key manufacturing industries. Hundreds of millions of brakes discs, brake drums, flywheels, and wheel hubs are required annually in motor vehicle, heavy…

Getting the hang of Tiger•tec Silver®

Speed, safety and long tool life – these are the three main advantages of the Tiger·tec Silver® high-performance cutting material for cast iron machining, which is now available in two new geometries:  A regular flat top geometry with a stepped plateau, as well as a particularly robust variant for maximum process reliability, even for extreme…