KUKA KR QUANTEC loads and unloads machine tool in its own production


KUKA Roboter GmbH, with its headquarters in Augsburg, is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial robots. The company also relies on automation for its own robot production. Most recently, a machining center from Burkhardt & Weber was put into operation. This is used to machine components for the KR QUANTEC robots. The machine is loaded and unloaded by a KUKA robot that also processes the workpieces, measuring up to 1.5 m in length, during otherwise non-productive time.

BW New MCµ series: MCµ 900 exhibited on the AMB 2014  

BURKHARDT+WEBER introduce the new ultra precise MCµ series, exhibiting the MCµ 900 machining center with jig mill accuracies.The MCμ 900 is an ultra-precise machining center for closest tolerance machining in the machine tool industries, the optics industry, the aerospace industries, and other industries requiring similar demanding precision metal removal tasks. The machine bed and the…