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BC80: designed to be unstoppable

ADIGE-SYS S.P.A. produces a wide variety of machines that are used for the mechanical processing of parts derived from tubes or bars. The BC80 is a system specifically designed for the continuous production of bushings.

E-SHAPE: shaping your ideas

The E-SHAPE is the result of BLM’s years of end-forming expertise. It combines all the performance and structural features needed to work efficiently and bypass the processing constraints of the past.

3-RUNNER: three jobs, one machine

The new BLM GROUP 3-RUNNER combines three different jobs – straightening, cutting and end-forming – in a single, all-electric system that runs form coil stock. . Extremely efficient on its own, the 3-RUNNER is also very flexible and can be perfectly integrated in larger production processes allowing further automation and simplifying logistics by eliminating intermediate steps and part rework. Production is 100% certified.

The All-New Lasertube LT8: 3D fiber laser cutting is no longer an issue

LT8 is the first machine in its size range to provide 3D cutting capability using a fiber laser. With the new “Tube Cutter” focusing head and other developments, the Lasertube family adds new performance and capabilities of its top-of-the-range products and takes an important new step utilizing fiber technology.