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3D metal printing improves craniomaxillofacial surgery

It’s all about the head – and the face. There is nothing that we identify ourselves by more than our face. We are how we see ourselves. And what’s more: With sight, hearing, smell and taste four of our five senses are located in the head and on the face. Severe craniomaxillofacial traumas or deformities threaten not just the way our senses work. They often also have psychosocial consequences: The patients affected then not only suffer from functional disorders in that they cannot eat, taste, swallow or speak properly. They are often also shunned in their immediate environment. Craniomaxillofacial surgery is a procedure for correcting such injuries and deformities through distraction and osteosynthesis.

Wide range of stimulating topics for Spring 2016

CES Edupack 2015 Charcoal

Granta announces latest program of free materials-focused webinars for engineering enterprises and materials educators.Granta Design today announced a wide-ranging series of web seminars on topics related to materials engineering and materials information for engineering enterprises and university-level educators. Webinars over the next four months will offer insights into how enterprises can better manage and use…