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How to cut advanced 3D parts with a sheet metal waterjet machine

Beveljet 60 is a 5-axis cutting head made by Water Jet Sweden primarily designed for sheet material cutting, shaping parts with a 0-60 degree cutting angle. But with the programmable z-axis the cutting head can be used for much more advanced cutting jobs. Together with IGEMS new powerful CAD/CAM software for 3D cutting, IGEMS 3D5X, it turns quickly into a smooth free form cutting tool, with the ability to cut materials in different work planes.

New BevelJet 60 5 axis waterjet cutting head released

Water Jet Sweden are delighted to announce the launch our new Beveljet® 60 5 axis, waterjet cutting head as part of our Ultra High Pressure cutting program. At Water Jet Sweden our aim is simple; to build the very best waterjet cutting machines. And we’re always developing new ways to make our waterjet cutting equipment…