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ATOM™ encoders allow rapid, high-accuracy FPD inspection and repair


TPC Motion (TPC), a well-known Korean manufacturer of motion-control components, has developed a laser aperture stop (optical slit) assembly that employs Renishaw’s miniature ATOM linear encoder system on multiple X and Y axes. The aperture stop offers a compact and precise aperture-control solution for the laser repair of FPD assemblies and metal photomasks.

REVO®-2 and the ATOM™ encoder


The REVO multi-sensor system is one of Renishaw’s flagship products and enables CMM users to perform 5-axis measurement on a 3-axis co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM). It measures 1000s of points/sec and operates at speeds up to 500 mm/s. As the head is much lighter and more dynamic than the CMM, it is able to quickly follow changes in the part geometry without introducing harmful dynamic errors.