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Production Efficiency with Integrated Nozzles


In the world of abrasive waterjet cutting, the nozzle is where all the proverbial magic happens. It’s here that the high-pressure water makes its way to a jewel orifice that focuses the water into a thin beam. The water beam then enters the mixing tube where the cutting abrasive is introduced to the stream. The water and abrasive then exit the nozzle, ready to cut.

Creep-Feed-, Profile- and HEDG-grinding with the MICRON machine range

They are space-saving, compact designed, combining rigidity and dynamic with high-precision accuracy. The machine type “Macro-S”, for example, has a width of only 1500mm but all the properties to perform efficient profile-grinding operations. MICRON – machines are fitted with high-precision linear guides, ball screws and digital servo-drives on all axes. The modern Siemens 840D CNC…

What really defines the cycle time in waterjet cutting?

In comparing the performance of different Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Systems, many people assume that the one with the fastest straight-line cutting speed will also be the one with the lowest production time for making a part. That may seem logical, but it is generally not correct. Straight-line cutting speed may certainly be a factor in…

Hard turning and grinding on a single machine

Modular design of the INDEX V160C with grinding components

For years the INDEX engineers have successfully integrated the grinding technology in the basic machine version of the modular building block system of the VerticalLine. The high precision of the standard machine, that is appreciated by many users, is the best requirement for the combination of hard turning with the system enhancement with grinding. The…