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Step into the World of AR and VR

Experiencing Spock beam in, seeing virtual data like the coordinates of an incoming threat overlaid in the real world or being a blue character inside a virtual world were all just dreamy concepts teased to us through Hollywood blockbusters like Star Trek, Iron Man, Avatar and many more…until very recently.

New hand-held marking system FlyMarker® mini convinces with new accessories


The battery operated hand-held marking system FlyMarker® mini is a lightweight dot peen marker. With only 2.7 kg and its compact design this marking unit is mainly suitable for durable markings of big and unmovable work pieces directly on-site.With the new, optional available column frame it is also very easy to mark small work pieces…

Laser welding for sheet metal parts


With reduced investment costs and a small footprint, the new TruLaser Robot 5020 Basic Edition, made by TRUMPF, paves the way to automated welding using the laser.The new TruLaser Robot 5020 Basic Edition, built by TRUMPF, is especially tailored to those making their debut in laser welding for sheet metal. It is less expensive than…

Edgecam 2014 R1 – Workflow Just Got Even Faster

Edgecam’s game-changing Workflow tools just got even faster. Workflow is already renowned for enabling CAD CAM engineers to apply toolpaths within seconds, and now, based on customer feedback, many enhancements have been made in the latest release, Edgecam 2014 R1, mainly in the two areas of part setup and stock and fixture management, giving additional…