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The Global Search for Education: Yes They’re Ready to Teach in the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s a complex, volatile, ever-changing world where we have already witnessed fundamental shifts in the way we live. Given this extraordinary period of societal change, what will this mean for teaching? How should teachers equip learners with the competencies and mindset to approach learning as being life-long? How can education equip learners with agency to shape their own lives and contribute to the lives of their communities?

Humans and robots – side by side

Poor concentration and fatigue – never! Robots have always been seen by their human counterparts as reliable and indispensable “colleagues”. They are now increasingly handling the welding, bending, cutting, separation, transfer and storage of pipes and tubes. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, robots are set to become even more flexible and will eventually replace purely repetitive robots altogether.

AI in Manufacturing Industry Comes With AI in Designs

Manufacturing industry is in a transition stage taking big leaps towards digitization and automation; resulting in what we today call as Industry 4.0. Some of the aggressive users of robotic technology and artificial intelligence – something most players are still grappling to adopt in the manufacturing industry – see artificial intelligence the next big logical step for improving the productivity.

The world’s smallest fidget spinner – measured by a NEXIV video measuring system

Using the world’s smallest commercially available steel ball bearing, MinebeaMitsumi Inc. has built the world’s smallest fidgetsSpinner. In measuring just 5.09 mm (0.20 in) long, a system capable of measuring the device accurately is required. This is where the NEXIV VMR-3020 comes in. The high precision system is designed for superior edge detection, even in transparent materials. This is crucial for accurately measuring such small items with tight tolerances.