ABI Research: Lindström Group re-inventing workflow optimization with Haltian Thingsee and Wirepas Mesh

ABI Research has published a research article on an innovative new IoT deployment in the area of facility and workflow management. As part of its FlowAbility service, Lindström Group, a leading Finnish multinational B2B textile services provider has implemented an IoT solution to improve customer experience and improve personnel workflow.

According to ABI Research Location Technologies analyst Sam McLaughlin – “The FlowAbility Washroom solution will enable the Lindström Group to achieve its strategic goal of improving customer experience, by implementing a low-cost custom sensor design with a complementary mesh networking solution to provide scalability.

Facility management is a vital component and service to any business and its buildings, with personnel routinely ensuring areas including washrooms are maintained to a high standard in hospitals, schools and shopping malls. Cleaning staff frequently check whether there are enough cotton towels in hand towel dispensers for example, resulting in staff walking up to 10 kilometers per day. In some facilities, dispensers become empty frequently, for example in restaurants located within major airports serving thousands of customers per day.

As part of its FlowAbility service, Lindström Group decided to implement an IoT solution to improve customer experience and improve personnel workflow. The concept behind Lindström Group’s FlowAbility Washrooms is the enablement of hand towel dispensers with sensors to measure the distance between the dispenser and hand towels. As the quantity of hand towels decreases, the distance subsequently increases. After the distance increases beyond a specified level, real-time notifications and data is simultaneously sent to the Cloud and cleaning personnel. Cleaning personnel are able to note which specific dispenser at the customers premise is running out of towels and refill it.

Lindström chose Wirepas Mesh on the Haltian Thingsee IoT platform to provide reliable wireless connectivity for Lindström Group customers across their facilities. The solution offers bi-directional communication and location information in combination with Haltian’s Thingsee platform.

The primary solution requirements was cost effectiveness, in order to provide a scalable hygiene service for both small and large customers in Finland and their subsidiaries abroad. This is especially important considering Lindström Group currently has over 100,000 hand towel dispensers in Finland alone, equating to over 3 million roll changes per annum. Key performance indicators for such a system are service volumes for both current and new customers, and customer feedback of the new service.


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