Titus Group at EUROGUSS Nürnberg 2018

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience Titus Technologies’ die casting solutions developed through ‘Totally integrated engineering’ approach and the demonstration of the new LamaCaster H100 Mk3, a new generation of hydraulic multi-slide die casting machine tailored to the specific needs of precision component manufacturing.

The new generation of the LamaCaster H100 machines features powerful hydraulic system, 20 tons clamping force, the most advanced proprietary software and controls system, maximum process stability and repeatability. This high-speed, high-performance, parting-line injection machine is perfect solution for projects requiring:

  • Complex, thin-walled parts with tight tolerances
  • Excellent surface finish
  • High structural strength

The machine can be integrated with specialised automation applications such as ingot feeding, robotics and insert casting.

Titus Technologies’ solutions produced through ‘Totally integrated engineering’approach to die casting form a range of services for die casters; from value engineering and product design, tool design and production, the supply multi-slide die casting machines and the production of precision zinc components.

Source:Titus Technologies

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