Intelligent 24 volts powerhouse with PROFINET certification

With the intelligent SCHUNK EGL PROFINET parallel gripper, the competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology SCHUNK has been exploiting the potential for highly flexible applications for users in the diverse Industry 4.0 environment. The world’s first PROFINET-certified universal gripper with integrated electronics unites power, diversity and intelligence. Its high-performance PROFINET interface creates the optimum conditions for real-time process regulation and maximum performance.

The SCHUNK EGL PROFINET, like here with circuit board handling in the electronics industry, facilitates highly flexible processes and real-time process monitoring.

With a variable gripping force between 50 N and 600 N, the compact gripper covers an extremely wide range of components. In force-fit gripping, it can handle a wide range of parts up to 3 kg alternately – circuit boards in the electronics industry as well as components in the assembly of consumer goods or in mechanical engineering. The finger position, the closing speed, and the gripping force can be freely programmed within the maximum stroke of 42.5 mm per finger. In order to shorten the cycle time, the fingers can also be pre-positioned wherever necessary with a speed of up to 150 mm/s.

The SCHUNK EGL PROFINET is the world’s first gripper with certified PROFINET interface and integrated electronics.

Interactive commissioning assistant

The complete control and regulation electronics are installed inside the EGL PROFINET in space-saving fashion, which makes it possible to utilize it in a decentralized manner; thanks to its 24 V DC operating voltage, it can also be used in mobile applications. Due to standard plus connectors, certified PROFINET interface and commissioning assistant, the gripper can be integrated into installations quickly and easily. The latter guides the operator step-by-step through the entire commissioning process – from the configuration of the hardware, through the incorporation of the GSDML file right up to the programming of the PLC. Integrated test functions make it possible to check each procedure. Furthermore, a diagnosis interface allows access to the most important process and status data of the gripper. A solid aluminum housing, stable guides and a brushless servomotor ensure a high level of robustness and long-lasting and reliable operation with minimal maintenance costs. In the case of a power failure, an electrically activated brake ensures that the position of the gripper fingers is held and no referencing is required. Besides the version with PROFINET interface, the gripper is also available in versions with Profibus DP and CAN.


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