Jenoptik presents fast and precise 3D laser metal cutting machine at Fabtech 2017

Visit Jenoptik from November 6-10, 2017 at hall A, booth A1039 to watch live demonstrations of JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM, a laser robot system for 3D metal cutting of chassis components for the automotive industry.

Laser cutting for highly efficient processing of complex metal parts

Compared to conventional machining methods, the non-contact laser process minimizes machining times by eliminating the set-up time and also reduces the costs associated with tool wear. Thanks to its excellent design and flexibility, the JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM laser cutting machine is a virtually wear-free tool, perfect for a host of metal working applications. With a repeat accuracy of up to 50 μm in optimal conditions, this laser machine ranks among the most precise systems on the market and is comparable to conventional Cartesian systems. It cuts a circle or other standard contour in just one second, meaning its cycle time is significantly shorter than other robot systems.

The concept behind the JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM series is based on a beam guide inside the robot. This means that laser sources with a power of up to 4 kW can be used without the need for a complex external beam guide. The equidistant internal beam path ensures a stable beam quality. Several laser robots cutting in parallel can also be integrated into a single machine in order to achieve a higher output in a significantly reduced floor space. Furthermore the robot-based machines are the first to enable complete line integration of the laser cutting process and can be easily integrated into production lines or combined processing units. As such, Jenoptik is offering its customers a significant technological competitive advantage.

The JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM is used in the automotive industry for cutting complex car body components made of materials such as hot-formed and ultra-high strength steels as well as cast aluminum. Hydroformed tubes can also be trimmed for use in battery or electric motor carrier units for electric cars.


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