Innovative turning strategy in hyperMILL®

The tool manufacturer Vandurit has developed an innovative rollFEED® turning method that is matched with an exclusive hyperMILL® CAM strategy from OPEN MIND. Thanks to this collaboration, there is now a new solution for CNC turning that offers maximum process reliability and significantly reduces machining times and tool wear.

hyperMILL® rollFEED® turning strategy – perfect workpiece contours

OPEN MIND has developed an efficient rollFEED® turning strategy in hyperMILL® to suit all your turning needs. Flawless workpiece contours can now be achieved in no time at all.

rollFEED® drive unit, tool holder and cutting inserts for innovative turning jobs.

Optimal tool use

As a 3-axis machining strategy, rollFEED® turning makes it possible for the entire contour of the tool’s cutting edge to roll off rotationally symmetric surfaces of any shape. The cutting movement is produced by a horizontal swivelling of the B-axis with simultaneous compensation for the X and Z-axes. This means that grooves can be machined with a single tool in a single movement. The CAM strategy automatically guides the tool from the first to the second plane surface via the cylinder face. Thanks to the combination of roll and turn movements; even workpieces with large radii can be machined with collision checking. This makes for full process reliability. The hyperMILL® rollFEED® turning strategy is perfectly matched to Vandurit’s three rollFEED® components, cutting inserts, tool system and drive unit. The drive unit compatibility also makes it possible for Vandurit to refit lathes that do not feature a pivoting axis.


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