Industry 4.0 in the machine tool world

Many OEMs and SMEs, which are engaging with the machining of serial parts, are currently facing the following challenges: How can the wide variety of production variants, which are continuously increasing since a while ago, stay economically manageable in the long term? This is a question that ANGER MACHINING could answer with their innovative systems.

ANGER MACHINING provides solutions with extremely low chip-to-chip times of about one second between machining steps!

Zero changeover time

In many cases it is the changeover process, which evidently to be particularly difficult and cost-intensive in the case of a work piece change. In addition, the lack of adequately trained specialists worsens the situation. Therefore ANGER has developed a solution, which does not require manual retooling and which can also be used to manufacture extremely flexibly even smaller quantities or undefined quantities of individual work pieces, for example, even in the case of chaotic work piece sequences with zero second part changeover time. The combination of the “fastest double spindle machine in the world” – 2PLUS – with the newly patented clamping fixture SmartFix makes it possible.

Industry 4.0 in practice

With this „smart“ duo, ANGER MACHINING has developed a system that can be operated 100% automatically thanks to the intelligent use of different machine data: work pieces are tracked via QR code and tool and clamping data are transmitted by RFID chips. The handling is done by a robot. It takes up the clamping fixture, pick up a raw part, and hand the part over to the loading shuttle of the machine in the clamped state. Depending on the work piece type to be manufactured, the “right” clamping devices, tools and machining spindles of the two clamping nests in the machine are also adapted thanks to automatic micro fine adjustment without operator intervention. Possible operator errors are therefore excluded. Since all machine states are passed on to the IT infrastructure of the customer, this solution guarantees the data continuity required by living industry 4.0 in practices. Corresponding interfaces enable digital integration into the factory network.

Regarding Integration: The robot as a core element of the system can be completely integrated into Sinumerik 840D sl, so also directly programming via this well-known control is possible. At the EMO 2017, a further example of total connectivity, the 2PLUS connected to the open industrial cloud Siemens MindSphere – managed through MindApp Manage MyMachines, was presented.


More information:

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