Create tool assemblies where it best suits you

Finding and managing tool data can be a time consuming task. Making sure different tool items fit together when creating the tool assemblies for CAM programming can be equally difficult. This is why Sandvik Coromant is offering two different solutions for creating tool assemblies – to best suit your needs.

The online tool assembler is an optimal first choice when the users need to quickly see the tool assembly before purchasing. The web-based solution lets the user interact with a 3D model and download of the STP files for documentation or simulation. Selected items or the full assembly may also be placed directly in the shopping cart.

CoroPlus® ToolLibrary is the desktop or laptop application that allows users to browse or search any tool suppliers ISO 13399 tool data standard catalogs, select and manage tools and create tool assemblies for import into CAM systems.

SourceSandvik Coromant

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