New drive design: HURCO improves lathe performance

Simple transition from manual lathe-work

The CNC turning centers in HURCO’s TMi series were designed for universal turning applications, and simplify the transition from manual lathe-work. Michael Auer, Managing Director of HURCO GmbH, explains, “Its small footprint, large working area and efficient chip management system make single piece and small series production economical.” The versatility of its processes – driven tools, Y-axis, workpiece transfers and counter spindle processing – shorten and simplify the machining process. Workpiece handover means less reclamping. This reduces the potential for errors caused by reclamping inaccuracies.

High output thanks to intuitive control system

The machines’ integrated CNC control systems are based on HURCO’s own user-friendly “WinMax” control software. Its dialog-based operation guides the user through the logical sequence from machining step to machining step, and makes the machine programming easy to learn and intuitive to use. This reduces the necessary set-up and programming times to a minimum while maximizing the machine output. Accordingly, it offers high cost-effectiveness for companies that perform prototyping or single piece, small series or contract manufacturing.

Source:EMO Hannover

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