Missler Software to unveil the latest version of TopSolid’Cam at EMO in Hannover

Missler Software, France’s leading CAD/CAM software publisher for the mechanical industry, will be at the EMO show in Hannover, Germany, from September 18 to 23.

Missler Software chose this major international event for players from the world of manufacturing to present the new features of its TopSolid’Cam software.

The performance of the software has improved constantly since the latest generation of TopSolid was released, reducing average production times by 30% to 40%.

Here is a quick preview of the main new features:

Duplicate Operations And Procedures From One Document To Another

TopSolid now has new tools that allow users to make the most of their know-how. Whether reproducing a procedure from one part on another similar part, or duplicating all proven settings, this new option makes for more reliable production by easily reproducing something that users know works well.

Diversify And Simplify Tool Libraries With The Multiple Tool Holders

With this possibility of including machine components in a machining file, the management of multiple tool holders or other accessories becomes easy and intuitive. The databases are smaller and the numbers of combinations are multiplied.

Secure Production With An Exceptional Degree Of Simulation

Two major enhancements that reinforce the already exceptional level of simulation. Turning parts are now simulated, offering improved collision management and verifications that include machine simulation. As a consequence, fine-tuning is minimized or even unnecessary.

Multiply Possibilities To Machine 3d Parts

The 3D features have been significantly enhanced. Roughs now feature new options. The residual radius rework has been rewritten. The post-limitation of trajectories completes a range of improvements in this area.

Easily Cut Trajectories According To Tool Wear

Rough and 3D trajectories can now be cut according to criteria such as time, distance and number. Numerous criteria are available to manage all the parameters required for cutting.


More information

On TopSolid’s official website.