Flexible and robot-guided Deburring with up to 65,000 rpm per Minute.

High-speed spindle reduces costs and assures quality

Currently, it is hardly possible to deburr complex workpiece contours with robots. Time and again, burr residuals stay at the edge of the workpiece or more material is removed than desired. Moreover, the tools quickly wear or prematurely break. The patented FDB high frequency spindle from SCHUNK starts out exactly from these weak points.
The flexible, adaptive tool compensates the deviations between robot path and workpiece contour It therefore ensures for perfect results on the workpiece, and shortens programming and commissioning times.

Adaptive Spindle

The high-speed pneumatic tool is suitable for deburring workpieces made of aluminum, plastic or steel.It imitates manual deburring as exact as possible. Therefore, an adaptive spindle and motor system was developped, which is flexibly located on a self-aligning bearing.

Several small pneumatic pistons ensure that the spindle compliantly moves up to nine millimeters.This is how the air motor can be flexibly moved in direction of the housing. The radial play of the spindle reliably compensates deviations between tool path and the actual tool contour.

The flexible spindle gets closer to the workpiece and therefore ensures a uniform result in the case of irregular parts. Programming time reduces, because less fixed points have to be defined during programming of the robot path.

Product features

  • High-speed spindle for up to 65,000 rpm per minute for a higher feed rate
  • The flexible spindle excellently adapts to the workpiece contour during deburring.
  • Rigidity of the spindle can be adapted using compressed air.

Your added value

  • Precise, fast, and accurate material removal
  • Maximum flexiblity of the spindle for ideal contour adaption to the workpiece
  • Adjustable deburring spindle for optimum machining in every installation position


More information

On SCHUNK’s official website.