Explore PALLETECH’s Modular Flexibility

Compatible with Mazak’s range of horizontal machining centers as well as most of their vertical, 5-axis and Multi-Tasking machines, PALLETECH is a modular solution with the flexibility to accommodate most manufacturing, floorspace, material flow or volume requirements.

Plus, it’s not limited to a specific workpiece type or material. Mazak’s PALLETECH comes standard with additional pallets. Its pre-engineered, modular design makes it easy to add a wide selection of loading stations with capabilities such as wash, tilt and precision centering, allowing the users to pace their capital investment with the growth of their business.

In fact, it accommodates up to 16 Mazak machines, from six to 240 pallets and as many as eight loading stations.

Customers can explore the flexibility of PALLETECH by assembling their own system at Mazak’s website.


More information

On Mazak’s official website.