Contour-accurate finishing in turbine production

Milling cutters with pine-tree design are used for finishing blade root grooves and blade roots of turbines. FRANKEN has reworked their geometry and linked it with the name Pagode.

The Pagode form end-mill has a different design of the chip flutes, in which the chip depth is individually adapted to the machining allowance of the workpiece. This contour-accurate adaptation of the chip flutes allows for a doubling of the number of teeth and thus an increase in feed. In order to supply the cutting edges with sufficient coolant despite the reduction of chip space, the Pagode form end mill was equipped with significantly more coolant exits.

Due to the larger helix angles, two cutting edges always work simultaneously on the workpiece. This results in a smoother run and an excellent surface quality. The tangential relief grind of the cutting edges contributes to less wear and a longer tool life. The Pagode form end mill is produced individually according to customer specification and it can be used in high-alloyed and highly heat-resistant steels. It is configurable in diameters from 40 to 200mm and cutting lengths from 50 to 200mm.

SourceEMO Hannover

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