Boost Your Performance And Productivity When Drilling Iso-P Materials

A solid carbide drill optimized for holemaking in steels, Feedmax-P was designed to harness the power and efficiency of modern machine tools to maximize cutting data across these applications. When increasing cutting speeds while drilling steel, the users face unique challenges in terms of chip evacuation, high heat generation and burrs at the hole entrance and exit. Feedmax-P was designed specifically to overcome these issues and allow for substantial productivity gains.

Straight Cutting Edge

The straightness of the cutting edge on the Feedmax-P makes the cutting edge and corner much stronger. This improvement achieves high levels of reliability, especially while drilling with high cutting speeds, and gives it a long and predictable tool life.

Coolant Hole Placement

The coolant holes on the Feedmax-P are close to the cutting edge to provide highly efficient cooling, high pressure at the cutting edge and optimal tool life.

Narrow Land Margins

The use of narrow land margins leads to less friction and reduced wear of the connection between the land margin and the corner chamfer.

Improved TiAlN Coating

The new TiAlN coating is heat and wear resistant, which gives the drill a long and predictable tool life and provides excellent chip removal. The composition is well adapted to the use of high cutting speeds in steel materials and is resistant to both flank and crater wear.

Optimized Flute Design

The flute design, which is wider and tapered, provides better chip evacuation, especially when drilling with high cutting speeds. This results from increased volume within the flute, as well as geometry that provides smooth chip evacuation to boost stability and reduce vibrations.

Improved Surface Finish

Less friction on the cutting edge and nearby areas promotes better chip formation and decreases heat generation. It also minimizes the risk of micro chipping of the cutting edge, which gives the drill a more predictable tool life and higher application security.

Larger Corner Chamfers

Large corner chamfers spread the forces created when drilling over a large area, which makes the drill more robust and resists corner wear more effectively. The large corners also result in fewer exit burrs while drilling through the material.

High Strength Micro Grain Carbide

The carbide rods on the Feedmax-P are optimized to manage high feed rates and high speeds. All rods have internal coolant supply, and the carbide strength gives the drills greater application security and predictable tool life.

MQL – Minimum Quantity Lubrication

Feedmax-P can be effectively used with MQL toolholders.


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