SECO Offers New STEADYLINE® Tooling For Large Diameter Work

The Steadyline large-diameter turning/boring bars feature a BA connection and incorporate a BA adapter to mount GL50 turning heads. Seco’s patented, versatile GL connection features a polylobe taper-face interface for centring accuracy, 100 percent repeatability and fast tool head exchanges. The GL connection allows shops to perform both static and rotating operations with the same bar.

The advanced vibration dampening system of Steadyline tooling absorbs vibrations before they spread through the bar. Once a turning bar is set, users can mount and remount tooling heads without having to reset the tool.

Steadyline is available in 6xD, 8xD and 10xD bar sizes and in a range of types, including Seco-Capto™ C6, C8 and HSK-T. The system also features compact boring heads with the GL connection and both the bars and the heads feature coolant supply channels that opitimise chip removal.


More information

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