ISO turning series for difficult-to-cut materials

Mitsubishi Materials has introduced the new insert grades MP9005, MP9015, MT9005 and MT9015 with the option of a minus corner radius tolerance.

Mitsubishi Materials is introducing new insert grades.

According to the manufacturers, the grades incorporate the innovative Miracle Sigma Technology for the metalworking industry. The negative rake inserts can be supplied with LS (light cutting), MS (medium cutting) and RS (rough machining) chip-breakers. The positive inserts are equipped with the new FS or FS-P polished chip-breaker, plus LS or LS-P and MS breakers for the multitude of challenges faced in the modern machining world. The four grades are offered with the option of the geometry types CNMG, DNMG, SNMG, TNMG, VNMG, WNMG, CCMT, DCMT, VCMT, VBMT, CCGT, DCGT and VCGT with a variety of standard and minus tolerance corner radii.

Source:EMO Hannover

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