Live information on production processes

With the ByCockpit, Bystronic has developed a new app that analyzes and visualizes the process data associated with sheet metal processing. This makes the quality, times, and cost of production transparent and optimizable.

On laptops, smartphones, and tablet computers, the ByCockpit runs as an app on virtually any mobile device.

The ByCockpit provides selected key indicators on the quality, times, and cost of production.

The ByCockpit provides real-time information on sheet metal production processes. Bystronic’s new app visualizes selected key indicators regarding machine performance and manufacturing efficiency. During the development of the ByCockpit, Bystronic’s IT specialists took a close look around a number of sheet metal processing companies. Their guiding question was: How do users retrieve information from their machines, in order to analyze and improve their production processes?

The result: For many sheet metal processing companies, the process of retrieving data from their machine systems and subsequently translating it into usable information is very tedious. What is more, they must deal with price pressure, short delivery deadlines, and increasing quality demands. All this means that sheet metal processing companies nowadays are forced to respond quickly and to constantly improve their production. The ByCockpit helps reveal deficiencies in the production processes.

The circle chart displays the condition of the entire production at a glance.

ByCockpit runs everywhere

Price pressure and increasing quality demands are forcing sheet metal processing companies to optimize their process steps.

Be it on laptops, smartphones, or tablet computers. The ByCockpit runs on virtually all mobile devices. Just like any other app, the ByCockpit is simply installed on the designated devices. Subsequently, all the required Bystronic machine systems (with an OPC UA interface) can be registered.

When the ByCockpit is launched, a selection of approximately 30 widgets is available. Users can switch between pre-defined overviews and the favorites view. In the favorites mode, users can individually configure their ByCockpit. Using the drag and drop principle, they select the widgets that provide the required overview of their individual machine systems.


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