The revolutionary CMX V series – now also available with 15″ DMG MORI SLIMline® and HEIDENHAIN control

The CMX V series is based on a C-frame cast iron bed for the best stiffness and vibration characteristics. The performance of the three models in the CMX V series is outstanding, even in the standard version.

Ball screws of the highest quality and a 12,000 rpm spindle were combined to meet the highest standards in production. An optimized machine structure also increases stability during machining, and a high degree of manufacturing flexibility is provided in the standard version by having 30 tool pockets in the tool magazine.

Highlights CMX 600 V

  • Greater rigidity – FEM-optimised cast iron bed with a C-frame design and up to 1,000 kg load capacity
  • Fast tool magazine with 30 pockets in standard
  • Bigger space for workpieces due to largest Y-axis stroke of 560 mm
  • Perfect ergonomics with 850 mm table height and 323 mm from machine front to the table
  • Rigid and thermally stable design optimized by Finite Element Analysis
  • Chips absence on the protector due to 30° steep covers for optimized chip evacuation
  • Stability and precision with recirculating roller guideways Y- and Z-axis, ball guideways in X-axis, 4-point support for the machine
  • Dual support with new casting for support in front of the column to achieve more stability
  • Perfect 3D control technology with:
    • 19″ DMG MORI SLIMline® multi-touch control and Operate on SIEMENS
    • 15″ DMG MORI SLIMline® and HEIDENHAIN TNC 620
    • 15″ DMG MORI SLIMline® and MAPPS IV on FANUC

Optional features

  • Exclusive DMG MORI Technology Cycles
    Quick and easy for the highest precision
  • NC-Rotary table for efficient machining in four axes
  • Automation
    Technological solutions with automation package
  • Measuring and precision
    Increase of the positioning accuracy
    Improved tool service life and more productivity
    with internal coolant supply in production packages

The new DMG MORI SLIMline® multi-touch control with Operate on SIEMENS and 3D control technology represents the next advanced step for a modern user interface and is compatible with the previous version of Operate. The practical and ergonomically optimised 19″ multi-touch display with its maximized resolution and 45 ° swivel range offers decisive user benefits.

Thanks to 3D control technology, you can simulate machining in advance – this is what state-of-the-art and user friendly workplaces look like nowadays! Additionally, the control system features greatly expanded CNC memory capacity from 5 MB to 4 GB.


More information

On DMG MORI’s official website.