Rosbank and FANUC Involved Robot In Art

On June 19th, an interactive robot-artist, co-created by Rosbank and FANUC Russia, appeared in the Sokolniki park. It draws two pictures in an impressionistic style during two weeks and anyone can assist it in the process.


The style of impressionism was not accidentally chosen: this artistic movement originated in France and glorified such names as Monet, Pissarro, Degas, Renoir and other artists. The main difference between impressionism and other styles is the drawing with jerky touches. The robot works in the same technique. People can go to the park and draw with the robot until the 2nd of July.

The robot scans colours of those park guests’ clothes, who would like to take part in the drawing, and makes several touches of the appropriate colour on the canvas. On the project website, everyone who assisted the robot artist in the park, can find himself on the picture and find out what colours are the most popular in Moscow. By the way, the Bot in Messenger could create the guests’ own psychological portrait by analyzing which colour they appreciate most of all.

Dmitry Olyunin, Rosbank, CEO: “There are almost no interactive objects in the contemporary urban environment. And we decided to create a project that will help to popularize art through interaction with a dynamic urban environment. Now, everyone can participate in the creation and become a part of the masterpiece in the style of impressionism. Sokolniki Park is one of the most popular places for family holidays in the city, and we hope that both the smallest guests of the park and adults will appreciate our robot-artist.

Marco Delaini, CEO of FANUC Russia: “The robot-artist is a new uncommon format for us. People rarely face robots in their day-to-day life. Therefore, for many of them it will be a unique experience. Everyone can assist the innovative artist and the final result will depend on the park guests.”

The robot needs 40 hours of permanent work and 2 liters of paint in 42 colours to create one picture. It will scan more than 1300 people to make about 20 000 touches to finish the piece of art. The robot was programmed by “Hello Computer”. The hardest thing was to teach the robot to hold the brush, like Monet, – for this purpose, a real artist was specially invited. He spent long hours to apply touches, simulating the movements of the robot. The robot is emotional – as any other artist – and it can destroy the picture if he does not like it.


More information

On the robot-artist project’s official website.